The Gift of Days (Leona Koehn Nichols)


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Publication Date: 12/13/2018
B&W 6 x 9 in or 229 x 152 mm
Page Count: 100


Hello! My name is Leona Nichols and I love poetry. I fell in love with poetry early in my life, mostly because my mother loved it. She would cut out poems from the newspapers and paste them in scrap books. Later, my 6th grade teacher would have us memorize poetry while we waited for the closing bell to ring. We memorized about twenty poems, many of them quite long.

The Gift of Days is my second book of poetry, the first being Quiet Things, Quiet Places. The first section of this book is assorted poems on topics that deal with situations we all meet in life. I hope you will identify with the idea that each day is a “gift” that is given us to use, to learn in and to enjoy.

This second part of the book came about because it seemed important to try to tell the stories of the Gospel of John in poetry form. They truly are wonderful stories, and show how Jesus grew to become the Greatest Teacher the world has ever known.

What a gentle teacher He is, but how powerful are the parables and other teachings on how to live life His way. Anyone who would take, even this one book, and apply His teachings to their lives would truly show love and kindness to everyone. Wars would cease, terror attacks would stop, crime of all kinds would be unknown. My hope is that the joy I have experienced will also be yours.

Please enjoy this book and let the love of Jesus flow into your own hearts as you ponder just what He is saying and how it can bring true happiness into your life.