Terror in Black and White (Angelo Thomas Crapanzano)


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Publication Date: 3/29/2019
B&W 6 x 9 in or 229 x 152 mm
Page Count: 322


Terror in Black and White is writer Angelo Thomas Crapanzano’s thrilling novel about what happens to an ordinary man when thrown into chaotic circumstances. Andrew Anderson, an electronics engineer, is driving home from a business meeting one day when he witnesses an accident. He watches with disbelief as a truck forces another car off the road and it plunges over a cliff. A young African American leaps from the car and holds on to the cliff’s embankment. Andrew manages to pull her to safety.

The woman tells Andrew she’s being pursued by city officials who are trying to keep her quiet about a crime she witnessed that could bring down the city’s most powerful movers and shakers. Andrew and the woman flee but they are fiercely tracked by the official’s private police who seem to be able to follow them despite their best efforts.

How are they able to track them and what has the woman witnessed?

Crapanzano’s fast paced novel has all the elements of first rate suspense—an admirable protagonist, a heroine with secrets she can’t reveal and chase scenes that leave the reader on edge. With riveting twists and turns, Terror in Black and White has a surprise ending you won’t see coming!

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