Sven & Ole Jokes and More ( Carlton Carney)


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Publication Date: 1/14/2019
B&W 5 x 8 in
Page Count:58


Humor, in one form or other, has been part of my life from the early beginning. My Dad always had a humorous tale to tell. Much of his pastime was spent reading joke books, or listening to comedy radio shows, then later, comedy television. He could take everyday events and find humor in them. He had a sharp mind and a good memory, enabling him to tell jokes and stories upon request. I guess a little of that rubbed off on me.

As for Sven and Ole, they are popular with the large Scandinavian population in the Minnesota-Wisconsin region of the United States, just as Pat and Mike jokes are popular with the large Irish population in and around the Boston area. I like to think of these pairs as their region’s Dumb and Dumber. As for which is Dumb and which is Dumber, that’s for you to decide.

Hoping this book brings many smiles to your faces and money to my wallet.

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