Soli Deo Gloria : To God Alone Be The Glory (Sharon Rivera)


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Publication Date: 6/29/2020
Trim Size: 5.5 x 8.5 in or 216 x 140 mm
Page Count: 104


Many of us get up every day and go about our lives as if God is there. But he’s in the background. That is, until something happens, and we need him. In Soli Deo Gloria, author Sharon Rivera discusses how God alone is the glory, and he should be at the forefront of our lives every day. Many Christians today struggle with doubt when the hard times come upon them unexpectantly. The facts in this book will give you a reason to erase doubt and enable you to stand firm in the midst of trials.

With a mix of scriptures and her own observations based on years of Bible study and prayer, Rivera offers strong insight that will help Christians grow on their journey to heaven. The message, inspired by and funneled from God, celebrates our relationship with Jesus and guides us into living and enjoying him today.

Soli Deo Gloria teems with important Christian messages encouraging us to stand firm in our faith no matter the circumstances. Rivera communicates there is nothing too big for God; everything is possible with God.