Puzzles Involving Polycubes, Triangulations and Polyhexes (Raymond R. Fletcher III)


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A mathematical puzzle book that involves labeling points or edges on three types of graphs: (1) polycubes, which consist of cubes attached face-to-face, (2) polyhexes, which consist of regular hexagons joined edge to edge, and (3) triangulations, which consist of triangles attached edge to edge. For a polycube with n points, the puzzle consists of labeling each vertex with the full set of integers (mod n), (Zn) so that the four labels belonging to each face of every component cube have the same sum. For a polyhex with n points, the vertices are to be labeled with elements from Zn so that the six labels assigned to each component hexagon have the same sum. For puzzles involving triangulation, the edges, instead of the vertices, are to be labeled with elements of Zn. To solve the puzzle, a labeling must be found so that the edges of each component triangle have the same sum. Unlike sudoku, these puzzles have many solutions; the solutions provided in the back of the book are included just to show that a solution exists. Readers are encouraged to create and solve their own puzzles in any of the three genres. Questions of mathematical interest are provided throughout.)