Pirates!: The Enchanted Tree #2 (Clare Jaget)

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Publication Date: 12/21/2018
Standard Color 5 x 8 in
Page Count:60


The adventure continues in this second book of The Enchanted Tree series.

Impatient to see if their wishes came true, Emily and Thomas soon realize that a fantastic new world of discovery lies within reach. Not only is the old oak tree still standing at the bottom of the garden
but the glowing, magic key that they were awarded unlocks the door and guides them to different lands: where Henry, their big brown dog, is as talkative as ever!

The children meet Blackbeard and his notorious gang of pirates, dodge a battle at sea, follow a map in search of buried treasure, and visit a desert island inhabited by strange and mystical creatures. Come along on this irresistible journey, make new friends and dare to eat some ‘hotch-potch’!

Ooops, that Roger pops up again, wrong place, wrong time. Alas, alack and anon, he is bound to get it right one day!


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Paperback, Hardcover, eBook