Once Upon an Eternity: Child’s story (Stanislav O’Jack, Ph. D.)


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Publication Date: 10/30/2019
Standard Color 8.5 x 11 in or 280 x 216 mm
Page Count: 294


My grandson Vincent has autism. Together we would read a portion of “Once Upon an Eternity” each night. Dr. O’Jack’s presentation style fascinated us and drew us in to a universe of information that educated and illuminated us. This book weaves history with science, knowledge about many cultures and civilizations with fun facts. From Drake’s Equation to the single atom. From the periodic table to the union of science and religion – many religions. Vincent was especially fascinated by the many ways to measure time, from nano-seconds, seconds, minutes and hours to light-years, and even by drop after water drop into an Egyptian water-clock. We all have much to learn. Through “Once Upon an Eternity,” Dr. O’Jack will turn us all into Omniologists… look it up.


US Army Lt. Col. Thomas McNear (Retired)

                                                                                     May 2019

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