Murder with Deceit (Winnfred Smith)


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Publication Date: 11/27/2019
B&W 5.5 x 8.5 in or 216 x 140 mm (Demy 8vo)
Page Count: 384


I remembered her comment about hope. I wasn’t sure I had hope. I was in a foreign country with different laws. Fewer freedoms. and people who may decide they want to turn me into dog food.

John Stone returns for his most captivating mystery yet. After a dare from a beautiful woman takes an unexpected turn, he accidentally lands himself a date—in Paris. Before long, her whole family is whisked along for the ride as they delve into the ominous circumstances surrounding her father’s death. His travels, it seems, weren’t all he kept hidden. It’s up to John to put his infamous knack to work and unravel a web of secrets that extends years into the past.

The City of Lights has shadows of its own, and they only grow darker as John searches for the truth. Each twist throws him deeper into the heart of an international conspiracy—but that’s not the only heart he has to worry about. Memories from the past consume his conscience as romance escalates into love. While John’s no stranger to l’amour, it will take all his focus to unearth a stone some would kill to leave unturned. Above all, he must protect this family from the deception that threatens to tear them apart.

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