Life Lessons – Volume 1: Aiden Gets Braces (Stacy M. Fletcher)


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Publication Date: 3/25/2020
Standard Color 8.5 x 8.5 in or 216 x 216 mm
Page Count: 28


This book is the true story of my son, Aiden, who really wanted to get braces for his spacy teeth. I, as a mom, did not think he needed braces and thought that his teeth were fine; but he found a way, when he had his dentist appointment, to get the dentist to convince me to get him braces, which he felt-and the dentist knew-he needed. At the end, I really saw a difference in Aiden and how his confidence really shone through after receiving his braces. So this book is really about a young boy who could not convince his mom about something he really knew he needed but found a way for a professional adult to do it for him.