LIFE IS LIKE A Golf Course (C.D. Wood )


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Golf has come a long way from the Highlands of Scotland. It has grown to become a multi-billion dollar a year industry and has captivated the interest of people of all ages, all over the world. Also, the concept of using common activities to teach valuable principles for living isn’t new. The parables Jesus Christ taught used metaphors that were common to life.
This isn’t the first book written to draw analogies between the game of golf and the game of life, but it is unique in that the author has included some of his own stories and experiences. During the time he worked on a beautiful golf course as it was being built, he felt prompted to write down some of the insights and comparisons to life, from a Christian perspective, that God was showing him.
This little book is simply meant to be a vehicle to direct heart and mind from earthly things to things above. Jesus is still speaking to the hearts of people today.
Read on and see what He is speaking to you!