Let Us Arise and Rebuild (Dr. Tyronne Edwards )

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Publication Date: 1/11/2019
B&W 6 x 9 in
Page Count:180


Dr. Tyronne Edwards is a historian, considered by many to be Plaquemines Parish’s most important historian. In 2005, Hurricane Katrina provided much historical content for the Southern Region of Louisiana, but most historians stop at New Orleans on their journey of documentation. In Edwards’ follow up, to his groundbreaking book,
The Forgotten People, the now Doctor takes us on a journey beyond The Big Easy, into the rise and rebuild of The Southern Eastbank of Plaquemines Parish.

In his second effort, Dr. Edwards revisits the history of Hurricanes in Plaquemines Parish, how the Eastbank of Plaquemines Parish relied on Divine Faith, and the help of outside organizations, along with a homegrown organization, the Zion Travelers Cooperative Center, to restore hope to Edwards’ homeland.

Never before have we seen The Southern Eastbank of Plaquemines Parish painted in the light that Dr. Tyronne Edwards paints it in his sophomore effort, Let Us Arise and Rebuild. Although the author has already lived a long, and fulffilled life, in his second book, he writes from the perspective of an author who is just getting started.

He has 48 years of community organization/human service experiences on local states, and international level. For 38 years as a trainer/facilitator for the People Institute for Survival & Beyond he has conducted Undoing Racism Workshops throughout the United States. He was on Steve Wonder’s Dr. Martin Luther King Holiday Committee, a staff member with his seventeen year old son (Saddi) on the Historical Million Man March.

Dr. Edwards is a community advocate at all parish government meetings in his community. As Excutive Director of the Fishermen & Concerned Citizens Association (FCCA). He brought international attention to the grassroots social change movement and plight of citizens in Plaquemines Parish. Dr. Tyronne Edwards is a proud that he
has helped his community to get a sense of their own power and self-determination.

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