How to Do Business Without Your Own Money: A Guide for Enterpreneurs (Mofopefoluwa Joseph FRM)


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Without the entrepreneurs, societies would find it difficult to grow, transform, and develop. From developed economies, such as the United States of America, to emerging ones like Mexico, entrepreneurs like Bill Gates and Carlos Slim Helú have been instrumental in helping their countries excel and prosper. But history is also filled with people who have tried and failed at being entrepreneurs. More startups fail after ten years than succeed, which can prevent even the most optimistic people from making the foray into entrepreneurship. As concerned citizens, business leaders, and governments, we need to ask ourselves why entrepreneurship fails. Is it a character issue, knowledge issue, or environmental issue? Or is it a combination of all three? Mofopefoluwa Joseph explores why some succeed at entrepreneurship and why others don’t in this extended commentary on why entrepreneurs are so essential.This book is especially relevant to those who want to go into business but have no money to do so as well as those in business struggling to expand. Step by step, you’ll find out how to navigate the entrepreneurial journey without using your own money.