Holy Crap!!! Is Anyone Thinking About the Children?: The Lifelong Journey of an Educator from Student to Superintendent (Life Is Really the Teacher) | (William Lee Sease)


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Publication Date: 9/30/2019
B&W 6 x 9 in or 229 x 152 mm
Page Count: 216


Lee Sease traces his career as an educator.  He focuses on two separate but intertwined themes.  One is on his own personal development from childhood experiences to the influence of professional mentors.  The other focus is on the distractions that prevent us from doing our very best in educating and preparing our children for citizenship and adulthood. As he struggles with these distractions, he must continuously reflect back upon the key mile stones in his own development, particularly that which he learned from his mentors, to find grounding in what he truly believes and values.

After all, life is the real teacher and we must be prepared to see our experiences as our laboratory for personal growth.  Self-examination is an important discipline for someone who chooses a profession that involves an intense working with others.   Without it, the tendency is to continuously reflect and judge others.  Judgement is the principle roadblock to building effective relationships which is the foundation for success. When relationships are built upon honesty, trust, and support, the work moves forward and the opportunity for success is optimized.  When relationships are surrounding by deception, fear, and control, failure looms.

In this body of work you will witness the growth of an individual through not only love and appreciation but through trial and abandonment.   You will witness relationships built upon strong foundations and relationships built upon decay.  In the end, we can learn from both experiences.

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