Financial Literacy at Life Stages, Capability, Wellness, and Resource Management: A Manual for Financial Counselors, Coaches, Social Workers, Mentors, Financial Planners, Consumer Educators and Pastors (Flora L. Williams)

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Publication Date: 7/19/2019
B&W 7 x 10 in or 254 x 178 mm
Page Count: 308


A manual for professionals who want to expand their excellence, learn and teach: Financial counselors, financial planners and advisors, money coaches, consumer educators, social workers, pastors.

A text for individuals who want to be financially literate, manage personal finances, and maximize their resources.


Financial Literacy defined

Decision Making and Goals

Maintaining Employment

Budgeting and Financial Planning

Capability at Life Stages, Divorce Financial Tasks

Protecting through Insurances

Analyzing Income and Reducing Expenditures

Using Credit and Debt

Saving, Investing, and Estate Planning

Redefining Financial and Economic Security


“Learn Financial Literacy so you can Teach and Counsel Others”



“In today’s uncertain economic environment, many consumers are facing financial challenges. While there are many useful financial education and literacy programs available, few, to date, have taken a systematic and scientifically grounded approach to literacy outcomes. What Dr. Williams has developed is important. Her approach is founded on applied academic research. This book includes current interests of professionals and individuals and families: Financial literacy, capability, wellness, and resource management. It is not uncommon for competing books to be little more than new age products that rely on simple solutions and quick-fix. This book goes beyond the symptoms to address current financial troubles and decisions Although her unique perspective and approach meets the needs of all Americans ignorant or in financial crisis, this book presents basic personal financial education and financial solutions to current dilemmas.”

John Grable,Ph.D.,

Georgia State University

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