Editing- 10 Steps (Bonny Franke)

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Publication Date: 9/25/2018
B&W 5 x 8 in
Page Count:184


Editing – 10 Steps is full of reminders to check and re-check details plus it shows how to avoid rushing in order to produce a more polished document.

Editing – 10 Steps builds awareness in writers who know how tough it is to be objective about whatever type of writing they choose.

Editing – 10 Steps recognizes that re-writes separate the beginner from the polished revisions demanded by professional editors and authors.

Editing – 10 Steps pushes writers who may be too close to the thoughts they try to convey and offers encouragement to see what is missing or overly stated.

A reference guide and user friendly, Editing – 10 Steps is more than a one-time book. It will be an on-going helper to produce error-free manuscript as the only ones acceptable.

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