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Confessions of Cinderella Blue takes the ancient story of Cinderella to a new level. It prepares young women, through stories, for the pitfalls of dating. Little girls who read the original fairy tale of Cinderella dream of becoming a princess due to no achievement on their part. This unchecked innocence carries over into young adulthood and often causes irresponsible behaviors that ultimately have dire consequences of unwanted pregnancies and forms of financial ruin. In this book, Cinderella gets her “happiness” after enduring many disappointments and learning many lessons.
When a preteen reads Confessions of Cinderella Blue, she will learn not to cosign financial documents for friends, to practice celibacy, and to not give her heart away too quickly through documents given to Cinderella from her fairy godmother, Madame Fairy: Test for a Good Man and Tips to Maintain a Relationship. The preteen will also go with Cinderella to visit Miss Havisham from Dickens’ Great Expectations to learn of being left at the altar and how to live through disappointments. The story shows girls (and boys) many pitfalls of life (through a lovable character) before actually facing them.