Comedy Times Two: The Love List and Upside Down (Elizabeth Rockett)


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Publication Date: 9/24/2019
B&W 8.5 x 11 in or 280 x 216 mm
Page Count: 274


Comedy Times Two is a fun book to read and also to act out loud. Containing two movie scripts, gather friends for a “screening.” Assign parts for people to act out. Assign someone with a good voice to read the “action.” It’s sure to bring laughter to you and your friends. Or if you prefer, just read it and imagine the actors in your head. What movie star would you attach?


What do you think the role of robots will be in our future?

The Love List explores this question. It’s a “buddy” Comedy about a scientist who invents the man he wants to be to attract women, but they love his perfect Android instead.

Upside Down, a comedy and romance story about two women who have opposite views of men and dating, then clash when they fall for the same man.

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