A “Sacred” Incestuous Relationship Wedding At All First Degree (Continuation) – (Isaac Mampuya Samba)


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Publication Date: 10/16/2020
Trim Size: 6 x 9 in or 229 x 152 mm
Page Count: 176


In this Novel and in this Culmination which one, it was question here between a female first – cousin (a germain – sister) Veronese and a male first – cousin (and her germain – brother) Eric, to know that:

–Here again, it is the female – cousin who would lead the choreography or the dance.

–Here again, it is the female – cousin who would diligently the “orchesography” or the rhythmic.

–But here again, it is the female – cousin who would punctuate the intensity of the speeches and cleverly codified the routes for the achievement of the targeted goal: « Yeah!, in the incestuous fornication at the very first degree. ».

–But here again, it is the female cousin who would highlight; highlight! That’s all: Highlight!, put all the Mythical Effervescence of the Para – Normality, concerning their mothers; which always tore each other down (which always tore themselves apart) again and again, regularly, regularly! That’s all: Regularly!; and continually, continually! That’s all: continually!; since their very, very tender childhoods; thus entailing inexorably; inexorably! That’s all: inexorably!, the curiosity of the many curious; who would watch regularly, regularly! That’s all: Regularly!, and continuously; continuously! That’s all: Continuously!, every time, the real erotic’s shows, for not to say: the “pornocratic’s” shows, informal sensational, thrilling, fantastic, fabulous, incredible, astonishing, wonderful. In short: spectacular and to breath-taking and above all: frees. –What a story? –This is simply a Paranormal History, worthy of the name.

–But here again, we would come from very, very far, in order to achieve this result of the targeted goal: « Yeah! (: namely, in the fornication between a germain – sister and her germain – brother) ».

–It would also be understood that the sluggishness that punctuated the male first – cousin Eric (the germain – cousin of Veronese) ‘s anguish was equally good, very, very real.