The Crux: Lendaw Series (Robert Confiant)

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Publication Date: 10/5/2018
B&W 5 x 8 in
Page Count:230


The Crux The Crux is about a teenage, shy young woman name Jenna who finds herself recruited by a wizard name Alistair. Together they return to a world called, “Lendaw.”
Alistair believes Jenna to be fulfi llment of a prophesy: “One will come who will be of, but not from Lendaw. One who will have the power that Anko cannot defeat. With the finding of the one, Anko’s
domain will cease to be forever.”
Through her journey, experiences, and her many confrontations with enemy forces, Jenna grows in her magical abilities as she learns the art of warfare. All in the hopes of preparing her for her
confrontation with Anko.
Will she be able overcome her doubts and fears to be able to defeat her nemesis? Was Alistair correct in his assumption?

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