Gimme Shelter Part Three (Kevin O’Neal)


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Publication Date: 12/11/2019
B&W 8.5 x 11 in or 280 x 216 mm
Page Count: 178


The story begins in the middle and will move to the end such as the Star Wars Series.  This story follows Jack Bordowski’s family life and career which starts as a cop in New York City to the shores of Vietnam where he fought as a soldier and back to New York where he makes his transition back to a police officer in his old precinct in Brooklyn.  Jack is later promoted to Lieutenant.  As the story progresses, several factors lead Jack to try to get off the streets of New York.  His wife Mary hates the school district and city living.  Jack starts seeing too much abuse as well as seeing a great friend die on the job.  The third factor is that Jack’s mother, father, and two brothers are killed off.  At this point of his life Jack needs a lot of shelter which he finds in his loving wife Mary.

Mary is a sex addict who never cheats on her husband.  During Jack’s tour in Vietnam, Mary buries herself into taking care of their four children as well as starting a sewing business to keep her mind away from sex.  Mary uses sex which occurs almost every night to keep Jack coming home and to keep Jack from cheating.  Mary enjoys her physical love with Jack and likes Jack to think of her as his personal mysterious lover.  Mary always changes the times, places and positions to make sure physical love with Jack isn’t boring.  The reader will see where this trait passes down from generation to generation.  Mary and Jack are both devout Roman Catholics but see things differently. After Jack is called into action in Vietnam, Mary sees prayer and faith as all that pulled her through. Jack knows prayer alone doesn’t work.

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