Death By Design by John Graves


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‘I am the storm!’

Navy Seal. Mossad.

CEO of world’s most exclusive executive protection agency. She is now on her most dangerous mission—exterminate mankind!

Tracker is retained by a cabal of five extreme environmentalists to solve the climate change equation. $20 billion for 20 years for a final solution. Only Tracker can solve the impossible equation. Only Tracker has the funds, the resources and the will.

Pitted against her are:
Jake and Colonel Soliz—the best of the best within the CDC
Dr. Blake and her daughter Sally—brilliant CASPR research scientists
Mantis: Tracker’s equal—and her nemesis

Which team will succeed? Who can eliminate the most successful killer of all time? Will humanity survive?

Who will win?
Read the page turner, Death By Design for the thrilling answers!


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