An Old Texan’s Poetry (Roy Jackson)


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Publication Date: 6/22/2020
Trim Size: 6 x 9 in or 229 x 152mm
Page Count: 286


This book was written to give the reader an introductory look at not only Texas, but many of its values that the majority of Texans themselves hold so dear.

Among which are a strong belief in our Creator, living in a free democratic society, individual liberties based on our written national and state constitutions, the rule of commonsense law, the worth of family, value of friends, and an one’s individuals efforts.

It certainly was not meant to even come close to the great poets found throughout history in every country, around this wonderful beautiful planet, which God provided to each of us for living our individual life.

Such poets as Homer (epic poems), Chaucer (old English poetry), Pope (satirical poems), Omar Okayama (the Rubaiyat), Dickinson (True rhyme) or Carl isle (religious poetry), King David (Psalms) and so many more are found throughout many countries in every age.

They are another view of insight into the wonder of just being alive, full of emotions, illustrating the glorious taste of life’s challenges, which God provides each of us.

This old Texan hopes that the serious reader has enjoyed the thoughts, emotions, and observations made in each of his poems.

They are not meant to be on the level of the great poets, but still hoped to be thoughtful by conveying it’s meaning to each reader.

Just remember, poetry, can be one of God’s greatest gifts to you, just as His love for you is.

May you have a healthy, full, meaningful life filled with love for all and look forward always.

The Old Texan

Granbury, Texas